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Our Moore Square arts teachers spend countless hours working with their students. Our teachers' work of art is not a performance or a piece -- their work of art is our children! Now that the school year is coming to a close, we think it is time for our arts teachers to take a bow.  We hope you will join the Arts Boosters in standing and cheering for our teachers by participating in our Donation Ovation from now until the last day of school!   


To give a Donation Ovation, simply enter a teacher's name below, add your name, your message and other information.  Then, click the button to submit your message and you will be directed over to PayPal to make your donation.

All of your gracious donations will be directed to the Arts' Boosters general funds budget, which funds the requests and needs of our entire Moore Square Arts Department.

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This page is for submittal of your Donation Ovation message, and does not automatically populate information on PayPal's website. You may need to enter some of the information above -- amount, email address, etc., on PayPal's website, for your donation purposes.

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