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Surprise someone by making an “Art Star” donation in the name of a student, favorite teacher, staff member, or administrator! The Moore Square Arts Boosters Foundation will be painting Art Stars on the basement walls that lead to the gym ... and your family or student’s name could be on one!  All of the proceeds will go directly to support the mission of the Moore Square Arts Boosters Foundation.  All orders must be placed by Thursday, December 19th.


Art Stars are $40 each. (Note: Art Stars are for individuals and families only -- businesses and other organizations should choose a Business Star. Thanks!)


Art Stars

  • Art Stars will be painted on the walls in January 2020, and will remain on the walls for the entire calendar year!

  • Enter your Art Star's "name" in the field above.  You can select an individual's name (e.g., Dante Jordan), or a family (e.g., the Jordan Family).  Due to space limitations, no serial lists of names or messages can be permitted.  If you purchase more than one star, enter all of your stars' names in the field below, separated by commas!